Artistic production

Works that enhance color, volumes, arouse emotions, capable of communicating and stimulating possible personal interpretations.
Select the type of artistic language.

Images referable to a lived or dreamed tangible reality of exotic and nostalgic worlds. Figurative choices that usually flow out of the unconscious with arcane meanings to which everyone is entitled to give its own free interpretation. However, it is intriguing to stimulate people in finding answers to the reason why certain interpretations give birth to forms with multiple meanings, that do not correspond with one’s history and customs. The observer plays an active role and participates with its own personal experience and store of knowledge to the personal analysis of the piece of art without necessarily meeting the artist’s intentions.


Piccinno found it appropriate to unite his experience in sculpture and paintings to his graphic and chalcographic experience in order to achieve further thematic and technical complexity. The semiological assumption and the appeal of a sign perpetrate to the “status quo ante” of a technologically advanced world… Even the use of etched and aquatint engravings will allow him embrace craftsmanship, just like the traditional investiture as “the creator of graphical footprints”, where everything is controlled and weighted with common sense: starting from the preparation of the metal matrix to the application of rosin, Judaic bitumen or sodium chloride; to the various morsures used to create the light and shade effects, to the polishing of the sheet and finally to the print.
A note of melancholy and afflicted emotional participation fill the landscapes and the drawings made with Indian ink… These are also revealed as elements of protection and separation from the daily stress that are consequently reflected in the mind of the viewer as “unspoken”, “silent” and “implied”.

Luigia Resta